Confirm Accredited Investor Status

Once you've gone through the steps to authenticate into the Trade App (including logging in to MetaMask (PC), or Coinbase Wallet (mobile and tablet), you will be asked to confirm your investor status. The level of qualification that a participant (or potential participant) must be met to be included in the walled garden and take part in trading is at the discretion of the company. Restricting accessibility such that only those shareholders (or potential shareholders) that are verified Accredited Investors may engage in trading activities is an 

For example, a company may restrict trading to only those shareholders (or potential shareholders) that are verified Accredited Investors. Other companies may place even higher restrictions on participation, allowing only qualified purchasers into the walled garden. Alternatively, on the flip side, a company can choose to allow unaccredited investors to take part in trading. 

In this article, we outline a scenario in which a company requires that its participants meet the criteria of an accredited investor.

Confirming your Accredited Investor Status to Trade

When you successfully authenticate into the Trading App for the first time, you will be prompted to verify your investor status before proceeding. If you are unsure whether you are considered an Accredited Investor or not, read the two criteria provided in the pop-up box below to see if one of the options fits you. If so, click Yes in the bottom right corner and proceed. 

If none of the options in the pop-up below apply to you, click "No" from the bottom right corner.


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