How to Re-Authenticate Into Admin Portal

As Admin, the Admin Portal is your home base. We built our software such that you never have to worry about logging in - no password to (try to) remember! When you are using the device that you originally accessed your Admin Portal from, the system will recognize you as Admin and automatically bring you to your Admin Portal when you visit your Investor Dashboard site from the browser. However, there are a few instances where you'll find that you are brought to the  Investor-facing version of the site instead of your Admin Portal. Here's how to get back to your Admin view and why you weren't brought to your Admin Portal by default.

Steps to Re-Authenticate

So, what happens when you try to access your Admin Portal from a new device? No sweat! Follow the steps below to re-authenticate into the system from your new device.

  1. Launch a new browser window and navigate to your company's Investor Dashboard site.
  2. Use the "Request Access" button located within the Equity Structure and Financials tabs (both lead to the same action).
  3. Input the email address that you first used to authenticate into the system (this will likely be your company (work) email address).
  4. Go to your Inbox and confirm your email address from within the auto-generated email notification that was sent to you when you submitted your email address in the "Request Access" pop-up form.
  5. Voila! Your Admin Portal will open in a new tab your browser.

If you are taken to the Investor-facing site instead of your Admin view and you are using the same device that was used when you authenticated into your Admin Portal for the first time, here's why:
  1. You recently cleared your cookies AND/OR
  2. You are using a different browser than you used when you previously authenticated into the system

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