Public Investor Dashboard

You can think of the company's Investor Dashboard as having two parts:

  1. Public Dashboard
  2. Private Dashboard

This article covers the Public Dashboard.

Navigating Around the Public Dashboard

No login or authentication required. Publicly accessible to all shareholders and anyone with the Investor Dashboard URL.

Shareholders' invitation to access

As a shareholder, getting initial access to the Investor Dashboard will come in the form of a welcome email, typically sent from the company's CEO or CFO. The email will contain a hyperlink to the company's Investor Dashboard site. Shareholders should click the link to open the Investor Dashboard in the browser. Immediately the shareholder will have access to the first three tabs on the main dashboard homepage. See below for more on each tab.


Non-shareholder invitation to access

As the owner of a company, you want to (almost) always be attracting new investors. One way to do this is through creating a publicly accessible place (website) that holds public-facing company information (e.g. board of directors and bios) that is valuable to a potential investor. 

See "Requesting Access" section below to learn how a non-shareholder gains access to the Investor Dashboard.


Publicly Available Dashboard Tabs

By default, the first three "tabs" in the Investor Dashboard are open for public consumption. These include Overview, Leadership, and News tabs.


Overview Tab

This first tab contains a few items (the following list is ordered by the appearance on page). 

  1. A brief description of the page underneath the headline
  2. The company's mission statement and (or) vision statement.
  3. List of company announcements and press releases. Updated regularly with most recent news-worthy line item at the top.
  4. Contact Us button. Send an email to the designated investor dashboard admin.



Leadership Tab

Contains a headshot of each member of the company's Leadership team. Along with their title, and a short bio. 

To view a team member's bio, hover your mouse over their headshot.


News Tab

Contains the same listing of company announcements and press releases as shown in the "Overview" tab.

Click on the post's title or the preview text to read the full post. If the post is a press release, clicking on the post will take you to the online publication containing the actual press release article.


New Investment Tab

The company can turn this tab on at their discretion, based on whether they are actively seeking investment. If the tab has been activated by the admin, it is only visible to non-authenticated visitors.

Provides instruction to non-shareholders (specifically, those who are interested in taking the next step to becoming a potential new investor) on how to get in touch with the company. 


Requesting Access (as a non-shareholder)

If you're perusing a private company's Investor Dashboard ( and are interested in learning more about the company and potentially becoming an investor, click here for the step-by-step guide to reaching out to the company 


Requesting Access (as a shareholder)

As a shareholder, your email address has already been whitelisted, so getting access to the company's private Investor Dashboard only takes a few seconds!

From the Investor Dashboard webpage, navigate to the "Financials" tab. Within that page, click the "Request Access" button and input your email address.

The email address you use to request access should be the same email address that received the "Welcome" email from the CEO/CFO.


Once you submit your email address, the system will check to see that your email is on the master list of whitelisted email addresses. Once your email address is found, you'll receive an email almost instantly containing a hyperlink that, upon clicking, will authenticate you into the private Investor Dashboard.

Here's an example of what the authentication email will look like:

See Wikipedia's Whitelisting article for more info.

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