Request Access as a Non-Shareholder

Find a company you'd like to know more about to potentially invest in? Reach out to the company's key stakeholder straight from the company's Investor Dashboard. The company's Investor Dashboard URL will follow the naming convention:

Requesting access to an Investor Dashboard (as a non-shareholder)

As an interested potential investor (non-shareholder), you will have the public dashboard tabs (outlined above) available to you to view. You will need to be a shareholder before you can request access to the private dashboard. Don't fear, we've made it easy to get in touch with the key stakeholders at the company that you would potentially like to invest in.

How To Get In Touch With Company (in less than 2 minutes!)

  1. Click on the "Contact Us" button, located on the top right corner of the Investor Dashboard.
  2. Write a short note to the pre-populated email recipient, the Investor Dashboard Admin.
  3. Hit send on your email and you'll receive a response at the Admin's earliest convenience.

More on the introductory request for more info. (email-to-Admin) process...

The "Contact Us" button is a mailto: link that will open a pre-addressed email using your default email provider.

The email will go directly to the Inbox of the company's Investor Dashboard administrator. The admin is a key stakeholder in the new investor vetting process (usually the company's CFO or CEO), so the receipt of an email from you, the interested potential investor, will kick off the process.

We recommend including a brief bio (name, company, role), what (or who) led you to the Investor Dashboard (a friend? Google search?) and a line or two about why you are interested in learning more about the company.

Keep an eye on your Inbox! The company Admin will reach out to you, using the email address you provided, to begin the discussion around your interest in potentially becoming a new investor.

Note: The new investor vetting process and the proprietary information that the company is willing to share with a non-shareholder is up to the discretion of the individual company.

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