Setting up your new service

Setting up your service

Investor Portal

As part of our contract, your Investor Portal will be set up by our team. During the subsequent onboarding process, your company-appointed Admin will learn how to make these types updates themselves. We just need some information and company assets to get things going.
  1. Your company's website URL (
  2. Company mission statement and/or company vision.
  3. A marquee image to be used on homepage of your Investor Portal site. This could be a product shot or brand content. Typically content that already exists somewhere on your web properties. See for an example.

Trading Platform

Our team will set up your company's Trading Platform. We will set up your platform to be highly customized for your company, in terms of asset structure and the specific buying and selling (transaction) activity that is mandated by the Trustee.

To begin customizing your Trading Platform, you will need to send us these details:

  • Your chosen symbol for the security that will be traded on the platform. This should be a 3-4 letter acronym or abbreviation of your company's name. Ours is "NTH", for Nth Round.
  • The name of the security. Ours is "Nth Round Inc. Common Shares", for Nth Round.
  • Total quantity and rough initial price (e.g., 10,000,000 @ $2 each)
  • Price floor and price ceiling for bids/asks (e.g., $2 min, $5 max)


Symbol and Name will be "baked" permanently into your deployed contract.  Price limits (fourth item above) can be adjusted anytime.  No worries.  The denomination (third item above) will become essentially fixed once bidding and asking begins.
Like public stocks, lower prices give the appearance of being more accessible.  Higher prices convey a sense of exclusiveness.  Fractions are no problem.  For example, a holder can own 0.002649 units at $1,250,000/unit.  Or, that same holder could own 26.49 units at $125/unit.  Or, that same holder could hold 2,649 units at $1.25/unit.  These all are identical and differ only cosmetically.  The choice of denomination is entirely up to you.
We will "mint" and distribute "tokens" (= units) to participants, only as needed, and only as you instruct us.  These tokens can be held only by participants that you have granted the ability to buy and/or sell.  That's the meaning of tokens: you have granted them with liquidity/participation.  No-one can receive any tokens without your explicit permission.

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