Pitching Investors

If your company is at its pre-seed capital stage, the list of financials we recommend be posted on your Investor Dashboard is truncated compared to companies at Seed stages. It's important to understand how you can leverage a white-labeled Investor Dashboard to augment your investor pitches and how such a tool continuous to benefit your efforts well-after your pitch is over.

Pitching directly from your Investor Dashboard

Breathe. Getting the following financial and legal documents together and presenting them such that you pique the interest of potential investors may seem like a daunting task, but you aren't alone. There are many entrepreneurs in the very early stages of getting ready to or just beginning to pitch to potential investors. Regardless of your startup's status (pre-investment, pre-revenue), using a novel method of delivering your pitch, business plan, and financials can grab the attention of a room full of investors that have been sitting in hours upon hours of pitches.

Organizing all of your pitching materials in an online Investor Dashboard that is white-labeled for your company will help you stand out from the dozens of other entrepreneurs busy searching their backpacks for their laser pointers as their PowerPoint presentation transition animations go haywire on the screen behind them.

Meanwhile, you'll be presenting all of your pitch materials seamlessly out of one central location, your Investor Dashboard website. Your Dashboard holds all of the materials you have created for your pitch: your business plan, operating agreement and financial projections. We'll get into the necessary (highly recommended) documents to upload to your Investor Dashboard later in this article. 

The benefits of using an Investor Dashboard continue on after your pitch is over. Your audience of investors will have access to your pitch materials right from their mobile devices. Not only can the investors you have already pitched take a second look at your materials, they can also easily share them to other individual and institutional investors by sending out the Investor Dashboard URL. The reach of your pitch will be exponentiated by using a convenient vehicle (website) as a means of distribution.

Financial documents to include in your pitch materials

Operating Agreement (Incorporation. Formation doc.): Filing your company with the state to secure legal protection for your personal assets, in addition to legitimacy as a legal business entity. At the pre-seed stage, be it a Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, LLC, C-Corp, or S-Corp., it's critical to have this documentation in place because it means that the terms dictating ownership stakes and your founding team have been officially bound.

Financial Projections

  • Revenue Projections
  • Operational Expenses
  • Cash Flow Projections
Your business plan should include a sales forecast, expenses budget, cash flow statement, balance sheet, and a profit and loss statement.

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