Sharing Financials

Transparent financials are the cornerstone of great investor relations. Your company's Investor Portal is the vehicle for sharing these docs. with your shareholders.

Reporting on Financials

Below is a generalized list of the recommended Financial documents to post, the relative importance and function (nice to have vs. need to have) of each document, recommended cadence for updating.

Pre-seed Company

If you are in a pre-funded stage, click here for a curated list of the documents we recommend having on hand, that will put you in a good place to start your venture.

What Documents Will Potential Investors Expect?

Letter to Shareholders: Not a Financial document but recommended for display on Homepage of Investor Portal, only investors (authenticated into private investor portal) can view.

Operating Agreement for Voting Trust

  • An operating agreement outlines your business' financial and functioning decisions, including rules, regulations, and provision. It's a critical document used by LLCs. In this context, the document will contain the terms, framework, and Certificate of Formation for your new voting trust (LLC).
  • As is true with any LLC, it's important to get your operating agreement drafted as soon as you form your LLC. We'll provide you with your LLC's operating agreement upon the formation of your voting trust. No action required on your part!
  • Click here for more on the Voting Trust

Balance Sheet

  • We recommend posting an updated balance to your Investor Dashboard every quarter

Profit Loss Statement


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